H0w T0 J0in

It'll be fun


If you're interested in the club, you can just come to a meeting. We will host some events over the year that you can participate in without being a member of the club. If you want to have a more involved role in organizing and creating activities, then you should join.


To officially join, you don't need much. No prior programming experience is required. However we do still have some requirements.


We don't have any club dues, but you do need to pay a fee via the EBHS pay to play (P2P) system. It can be a bit of a mess, so follow the directions just below if you are stuck.

Payment Directions

The EBHS Pay 2 Play system can be confusing, so use these steps as a guide.

1. Go to CommunityPass

You can follow this link to go straight to the desired place. If the link fails, go to the East Brunswick High School main webpage (not the district wide one). Then select "Extra Curricular" and "Online Registration and Pay"

2. Login

Log into the CommunityPass system. If you do not remember your login info, press "Forgot username or password" under the login button. Follow the directions there.

3. Select Code Club

Click the orange "Register Here!" button, and then hit the "Continue" button in the "Clubs and Activities 2020-2021" section. You will be asked to verify your account and participating student (the EBHS student who is joining Code Club).

4. Pay

Now you can select all the clubs you would like to P2P for. After selecting Code Club, continue with the orange "Continue" at the bottom of the page. You will now be asked to confirm your agreement and be directed to pay.